A photo of me with Tabitha & AJ cheering after we made it through some crazy FL weather

The team and I with Sindu & Geoff at their wedding in ICC Hall

Taking a break to sing with Catherine & Eric on their wedding day.


Hey hey heart breakers and dream makers! If you've hit this part of my website, you've either done so by accident or because you love my images and wanted to know what I'm all about? Well, let me share!

For me, art is life. This is evident in everything around us. From the not so obvious locations, such as in mathematics or sciences, to the obvious ones, such as in music or painting. And my life long vow, not only to my self but also my clients, is to never stop striving for perfection as an artist!

In my spare time, if I'm not upping my photography game, I am learning a new skill, playing music, or traveling around searching for amazing couples to shoot. This year I've taken on learning wood working and hopefully will be able to get scuba certified in a few months!! 

Brass tax: A life long connection with one amazing couple means more to me than a superficial one with a hundred! One of the main reasons I do wedding photography is so I can meet and connect with my people. So, if you like stupid jokes and a constant smile on your wedding day, we will hit it off amazingly! 

Let's shoot this shit!