Becca + Brian | Antonietti Ranch Wedding in Hudson, FL

This wedding was absolutely perfect. Not to small, not too large and just the right about of energy to make it a live wedding day. I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by love and laughter the entire day and couldn’t have asked for a better couple!

Brian and Becca both met at Publix, when Becca was Brian’s manager. They were young and still figuring out their lives until a mutual friend hinted at the idea to date Brian in a conversation with Becca. - Becca was totally against it, and her exact words were, “No way! He’s an asshole!”

It wasn’t until later that some wine and flirty texts would open the door for these two lovebirds! As time went one, Brian inspired Becca to quit her job and go back to school. Originally Brian was moving away to Gainesville, but ended up staying in Tampa to join the police academy.

Brian proposed by renting out an entire ice rink in Chicago and blasting the song “Wanna Be That Song” by Brett Elredge. Now, they just recently got married and already bought a house to start a family in.

Check out their wedding!

Nil Patel