Hanna + Jeremy | Fort De Soto Beach Park Engagement Portraits in St. Petersburg, FL

If you’re camera shy, Nil is your guy. He has a way of making you feel like you’re just hanging out but at the same time pointing you in the exact direction for your photos to turn out beautifully. We were worried about the weather the morning of our engagement shoot, and it was a little overcast but Nil still managed to take some of the most beautiful photos we’ve ever laid eyes on. Nil is also super timidly in regards to when he tells you he’ll have the photos to you in x time, he will! We booked Nil for our wedding next year and we are so excited. Choosing Nil as our photographer was the first wedding decision we made, even before picking a date and venue and know that it was one of the best decisions.
— Hanna via Wedding Wire Reviews

Hearing Hanna and Jeremy's story was super incredible. Like most of my couples, they met online, but connected over a shared passion for festivals, electronic and reggae music, outdoor activities, and more!

On one of their early dates the night ended with their first kiss...Hanna remembers being soo love drunk that she started driving home in the wrong direction. Jeremy proceeds to text, "Where are you going!?" But Hanna just remembered lying and telling him she was seeing a friend instead of the truth that she was "so gaga and so head over heels" that she started driving in the wrong direction! From that early amazing experience to a recent one, going skydiving on Jeremy's birthday, Hanna and Jeremy formed an amazingly strong friendship that has been nurtured over time and transformed into love.

All relationships have their ups and downs, and Hanna claims theirs is no different. They both have always said that if they can have fun and laugh through the tough times, their love will triumph. Now, Jeremy and Hanna look forward to raising their six-year-old daughter, getting married, and going on a "REALLY BANGIN HONEYMOON!"

Nil Patel